Thursday, March 4, 2010

I'm going all granola on you....

The Bargain Meal post is coming--I promise--but first, I had to post what is on my mind today.

Do any of you make your own granola?

I bought a honking 9 lb. box of Quaker oats from Costco last week (because we love us some oatmeal in this house) and now I am thinking I might need some fabulous oatmeal-ish recipes to go along with those 9 lbs. of oats. And because I adore eating granola on top of my Mountain High for breakfast, I thought I would make some of my own.....some minus preservatives and excess sugar. (Cuz I am healthy like that....I mean, I do live in Colorado.)

I think I will use this recipe--it seems to have all of the components I am searching for.
(Doesn't that sound like I am all scientific and professional?).
But if any of you have any better recipes, please do share!


  1. I've made granola & energy bars for a while now...really enjoy doing it. Have tweaked a few things in my recipe...noticed a few of the components in the recipe you linked to:
    Use Canola Oil instead of Vegetable - uses monounsaturated fat instead of saturated...= heart healthy fat.
    Use honey or molasses instead of sugar...although unless you are using raw honey, it's pretty much like using sugar anyway with all the refining they do to store honey.

    I make up energy bars that have raisins, nuts, PB and honey in them along with the rolled oats. Will pass on the recipe if you like!

    No shame in 9 pounds of oats...I buy oats all the time! LOL! Love eating non-preservative food that I know exactly what is in it & can make to my liking. It was the start of a lot of more organic thinking & baking/cooking/etc. Good luck on your new journey!

  2. I've been making my own granola as well. Definitely use canola oil!! I always use honey instead of molasses and/or maple syrup. The best thing about granola is that you can tweak it any way you want. I opt to leave out the dried fruit since my hubby is not a fan of most dried fruits. It's still tasty and my little Espresso EATS it up! I also have a great energy bar recipe as well! I posted it to my blog:

    OH...and this it the recipe I use for granola. Most granola recipes are pretty much the same, but like I said, you can tweak it to fit your taste preferences.

    Have fun with the granola!

  3. Thanks ladies! I am so excited to try it, and I definitely am going to try making my own energy/granola bars too. I hate all of the sugar in other ones!
    I always use raw honey bc it helps build up our immunities to allergens out here....and I will go get myself some canola oil. Have either of you ever used olive oil in these recipes? Just wondering....