Thursday, March 11, 2010

Bargain Meal of the Week: March 10-16, 2010

My husband's doctor told him he needs to lower his cholesterol--high cholesterol runs in his family.
Which means that I ought to be cooking heart-healthy foods for the guy......yeeeeeaaaaahhh. I have been a bad wife and have not researched heart-healthy cooking like I should. I mean, really--how hard is it to pick up a Mediterranean cookbook at Borders?

In an effort to look like a caring wife, I am going to be trying out a heart-healthy recipe once a week. Hopefully, I can find ones that he will enjoy or this whole "helping my hubby eat better" thing might not go over so well. ;-)

Here is the first one I am trying.....enjoy!

Spicy-Crusted Salmon Over Spinach with Rice (serves 4)

*Kroger Value Fish Fillets (Salmon)--$3.99/lb.
(need 4 pieces=$4.00)
*Private Selection Organic Baby Spinach--$3.99
(need handful=$1.00)
*Zatarain's Rice Mix--10/$10
(pick a lower sodium one=$1.00)

Est. Cost: $6.00

Remember to check out the Grocery Gathering for local deals
and King Sooper's homepage
for coupons!

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