Sunday, March 21, 2010

Am I raising a pack of wolves?! :-)

(I got all of this for $5!)

I am sure many of you took advantage of the Kelloggs cereal/milk deal at King Soopers several weeks ago.
I ended up with 12 boxes of cereal and 6 gallons of milk, all for $10!

Somehow I imagined that this stockpile would last for quite awhile. I don't know what delusion I was under......2 weeks later, we have 1/2 gallon of the milk and 6 boxes of cereal left.

This got me thinking about what foods we go through like water in our house. There are many items, which is scary since my kids are all under the age of 8.
What will I do when they are all teenagers?!

Besides the basics (milk, eggs, bread, butter), we seem to fly through these things:
~baking items
~tomato products (sauce, diced, etc.)

I just started going to Costco, after months of resisting it. And I have found that I save quite a bit on these basics that we use so often. Especially when I use the monthly coupons that they send. That, along with searching the store sale flyers, has helped me keep up with my ravenous family.

What items does your family go through, and how do you keep up with it?

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  1. Peanut Butter, shredded cheese, eggs. . . probably because we don't eat much meat. I CANNOT keep cheese in the house. It's even up tops on Susie's favorite foods.