Tuesday, April 13, 2010

You were always on my mind (oatmeal)

I mentioned awhile ago that I was going to experiment with new recipes that used oatmeal. I bought a 9 lb. bag of the stuff, so I had to do something creative!
Several of my readers gave me suggestions for homemade granola
(which, sadly, is still on my to-do list.....it WILL get made though!).

I just noticed this recipe in my blog feed on my sidebar, which also calls for oatmeal. And it will fit in perfectly with my "eliminate processed foods/preservatives from my family's diet and replace them with healthy homemade things" kick that I am on. ;-) I am adding to my "to-do" list right now......hopefully I get to it sooner than I did the granola recipes!

Just yesterday, my friend asked me for some suggestions about what to do with oatmeal.
I gave her all of my favorite recipes--do you have any favorite oatmeal recipes that your family loves? If so, please share!


  1. I just found your blog and it looks very cool. I'll have to browse around some more!

    I have a homemade granola bar recipe that uses oats. My family loves them. It's over on my blog at www.navefamilyfood.blogspot.com. It's very versatile since you can add anything you want to them.

  2. Thanks for sharing! I will definitely check it out!