Sunday, April 4, 2010

Love at second sight.....

I just remembered that I own a food processor. Granted, it is a tiny (cheap) one that came with my blender, but it works!

I used it to make homemade baby food for my last two kids, and it worked well for that. But we moved, and totally forgot that I had the food processor. When I re-discovered it this week, I was very excited.......because I had just watched a cooking show on Food Network and the chef was making something in his food processor. :-) is my new favorite kitchen appliance for the moment (besides my coffee maker, which will never leave its throne as the king of all my appliances. lol) I have used the f. processor to make a crumb topping for a salmon recipe and also to finely chop the "filling" for my home-grilled burgers. It worked perfectly! I felt like Rachael Ray or something.......

Do you have a favorite kitchen appliance, and if so, why do you love it?

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  1. That is cute that you felt like Rachael Ray! :) I don't think I have a favorite appliance: they all have to be washed and put away where there's not enough room for 'em. Ha ha.