Sunday, November 21, 2010

Turkey and the fixins....

My husband's brothers and their families will be joining us for Thanksgiving this year. We are so excited to be hosting Thanksgiving dinner in our home, and excited to be able to show off Colorado to them! (Hopefully Colorado will cooperate and show its best side. ;)

Of course, any time our family gets together, we congregate around food. It is typically my mother-in-law who does the cooking (and she does a GOOD job!) so it is a new experience for me to be in charge of all of the food. I have been planning the menu for weeks. Ha!

Aside from the every day meals, I have been working on the Thanksgiving feast. It is much easier for me to stick with the traditional fare.....his family likes tradition. ;) But I wanted a bit of variety, so I am trying a few new recipes or tweaking old ones.

Here is the menu:

* roast turkey (this is the recipe I am going to try) with gravy
*mashed potatoes (recipe borrowed from one of my fave bloggers....I will do mine in the oven)
*stuffing (of the boxed variety...sigh)
*green bean casserole (because we are old-school like that...but I found a new twist!)
*broccoli casserole (in case people don't like my new green bean casserole)
*cranberry sauce....just the canned variety (which happens to be one of my weaknesses) because there was a massive sale!
*cranberry-apple pie
*pumpkin-chocolate chip cheesecake....mmmmm

We will be eating at 1pm, so I decided to serve appetizers for dinner. I will be too stuffed to move to the table to get them, but maybe someone will appreciate them. I am serving a meat/cheese/cracker tray, as well as chips/salsa, and a homemade hummus recipe that I am stoked about! I will share it next week (when I can add pictures of it.) That will be served with fresh vegetables to dip.

What do you make for your Thanksgiving dinners? Do never know when I might need to host Thanksgiving again!


  1. Sounds yummy- I am making Christmas Eve dinner with my Sis in law Emy at my house- SO excited to plan the menu too!

  2. Sounds like it was a great menu, Sarah. Very close to what mine was. How'd the turkey come out?