Thursday, October 6, 2011

An artist needs inspiration

These days, there are many resources available to home cooks, thanks to the world wide web. I love stumbling onto great cooking blogs or seeing pictures of someone's creative meal.
It is so easy and accessible!

But it is often OVERWHELMING.....

Don't get me wrong....I will always use the internet to look up recipes and find inspiration for meals.
But I am an old-fashioned girl at heart.
I like recipes in my hands, written down on paper.

My favorite "medium" for recipes actually comes in the form of magazines.
I subscribe to Everyday with Rachael Ray, Simple and Delicious and Food Network's magazine.
My mother-in-law often sends me her Cooking Light mags also, and she just introduced me to Cuisine at Home (which I am planning to subscribe to as soon as I have the money!).

Those are my "go-to" magazines.....which ones do you use for cooking inspiration?

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