Thursday, June 3, 2010

Randomness gathered in one place :-)

I had some *odds & ends* of thoughts about kitchen stuff, but didn't want to wait until specific posts on each I am gonna dump it on you all at once. And if it doesn't make sense, all jumbled up, then read one a day or something. ;-)
{1} I make awholelotta coffee. (Yes, that IS a word.) Therefore, we go through awholelotta coffee filters. And it can get expensive! But yesterday, I found the answer to the world's.....oh, wait......MY coffee filter problems: a reusable gold-mesh filter. It cost $4.99 at King Soopers, as opposed to the $3.99 box of 100 filters that I buy 4 times a year. If this thing even holds out for 6 months, I will have totally saved money!

{2} I have found that if I whip regular-old-store bought chocolate fudge frosting with about 3 T. of coffee granules, my husband will eat anything I put it on. I think I could smear it on liver and he quite possibly would ask for seconds. Just a tip.......if you want to make an ordinary cake or pan of brownies rock*star*fantastic, spread some of that frosting on it and you will have no end to the compliments.

{3} I think I have shared this tip before, but since I have some new readers, I will share it again.......add some chopped fresh cilantro to any store-bought salsa, and it will taste like you just had your Latino chef stop by and whip up a batch of the homemade stuff for you. Ok, perhaps not quite that tasty, but it is darn good. My friend's husband (as well as mine) refused to eat Pace Picante before this, but now that we add cilantro, they are changed men.
(Remember: cilantro is our friend. It pretty much makes EVERYTHING least, that is my philosophy.)

And that is it.......enough random thoughts for today. I am sure I will have more for you soon!

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